Welcome to the 9th year of our consistant outreach and collective online world of a Cape Verdean American Elder: Wayne (Ibn Musa ) Barboza:Launch New Years of 2008 at midnight. On Feb.4th,I will have reached 70 years old. Most of what you find in these pages is Historical research and documentation that until this generation of the internet,was not available. I personally have shared this information and giving away 10's of thousands of DVD's to the most important figures to our people,Presidents,Senators,Congressman,State Reps and mayors as well.world wide to any one who wanted to know.Who are the So Called Cape Verdean's and how are we here in America as "Negroes" when the truth is..THEY DON'TKNOW THEIR OWN STORY. WHICH TURNS OUT TO BE ONE OF THE WORLDS MOST SECRET STORY OF ALL TIMES... 

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Easy stop and go players have a button at lower left screen. I hope this site becomes a tool of re education and recovery of All people dumbed down by false reported "Trans Historical " unauthorized tellers of "Ourstory" . Lies, Myths & with deliberate indifference..that are still perpetually re inforced in our schools today! Here we will find out why? We also change our thinking from slaves,and fools ...And become the Free and godly people , we were created to be.

With knowledge comes good judgement for the here and know. To Awake, As America slept in a nightmare, our people feared that which they did not know..And those who Knew! Lied !

THE Truth is said to set one free.  This is true,but then what do "YOU" do with that freedom ,is what determines how you and your children will end up with.down the end of every ones eventual end. Return to the Source 


Wayne Barboza Elder of the Barboza tribe
‎"I've known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins. My soul has grown deep like the rivers. I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young. I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep. I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it. I heard the singing of the Mississippi when Abe Lincoln went down to New Orleans, and I've seen its muddy bosom turn all golden in the sunset. I've known rivers... Ancient, dusky rivers. My soul has grown deep like the rivers."

~Langston Hughes

Wayne Barboza

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Updated article July 10 2014

Frequency of the CCR5-[Delta]32 Mutation in the Atlantic Island Populations of Madeira, the Azores, Cabo Verde, and São Tomé e Príncipe

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The Problem is that the only jobs,being made,are the social agency's that have never helped the dis advantage. Not to condem them, but ask them to atleast do the best you can,stop wasting our tax dollars. The bullshit.has gone on long enough. At least you wil not come to r.I. and flant your wasteful ways. Not In This House.

There are many diverse religions and beliefs that shape our world, and this is the hidden world of secret societies,corperate banking and the Occult to name a few. and as we will soon share light on them as we are the "REJECTED STONE" and that "Nation  that  rises out of a Nation" seen on the back of a dollar bill..

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Welcome to Capeverdean.net

The 60's and 70's.... Cape verdean youth exsperienced the first generation of

Afro Cape Verdean Americans

As Our homes and jobs became part of Civil Rights reform 


The most intriguing mystery of the 20th century is the re discovery of a little known nation,  just off the coast of West Africa, was there a wicked deal  made between Man and mankind, Today unknown to 99% of it's people, Entwined in the very D.N.A. of a people called Cape Verdean's "Cabo Verdeano" a people created for the business of slavery   The ever so secret plan to rule the known world.... What is even more wondrous is that we are hybrid humans, the bastards of the slave trade. making it possible to establish the greatest empire in the known universe.... unfortunately  the racial and deliberate indifference of the educated elites,we have been led down the wrong trial,thinking we know our history..... watch each video before you dismisse the facts...

as my challenge to any historian of the Afro American Slave trade, who was Rafael Barboza ?  I am from the Blood line of Barboza and Know the truth of our Hybrid being and what this has to do with ancient mystery and so called secret doctrine, that only the Blue bloods and thier secret societies and the Church to keep you ignorant and inslaved..MAN KNOW THYSELF  For he is the only one who can tell us who killed the founding Father of The Republic of Cabo Verde, Almicar Cabral ?  And most important ...The Freedom of  who you are in this world.

Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza, Historical speech to Global  Afro/Capeverdean community. We recovered the land of 4 black slaves,who fought in the war of Independence 1776,under Gen.George Washington...
This site is were they establish there home ,"New Guinea" In the Plymouth Ma. area.using the 106 acres of land that they received from the town for their service as a soldier, being America's very first black veterans

what do the colours and symbols mean?
Forgotten Hero's Wariors/embedded symbolic flag is the key

The Partingways Project
The Museum Of Afro American Ethno History Inc.

Are we scared to investigate any changes that take place in our freedom and liberty's  or just don't care? Why do you think your like that ?

We have  the land and the means to build a Museum on the site ,known as New Guinea, but Our people have no desire to sacrifice the wages of the master, they do not believe in Sacred labor and have lost knowledge of thier own power and ability to do do something for humanity and those victimized and helpless. Cabo verde is a very poor nation, and struggling to belong . without knowledge of themselves as a African people of a mighty , ancient people   "the human race"

 I Think with all that We as a people have been through.It is now time to get over our racist embrace with the History and write Our own.enjoy this video. it's Part of a peoples movement .that I recomend you consider

Do you think you know American history,Maybe...This is the true American History,Something until know you were denied knowledge of, and many of you are still denied this wonderful, amazing truth, of the America we know..

  Top photo of Wayne Barboza delivering decoded message to both International /domestic elite audience of Cabo Verde /Capeverdean and American ambassador,U.S Gov.officials and scholars
and the descendant of America's Founding Fathers. "The Son's of the American Revolution"

All views and expressions on this website are the views
of Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza
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Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza
Black Patriot Memorial/Viet Nam wall memorial .In Every war Ameirca waged.

Afro Patriot American and president of The Museum Of Afro American Ethno History
  Mr,Eddie Johnson, A hero and cotten picken friend of Mine.  the greatest warrior of Afro/Capeverdean Americans ever.

Maurice Barboza and the Washington memorial project to Honor Black Patriots ,On the Washington D.C.Mall


Maurice Barboza,The Libertyfund is a struggle to build a Black Patriots Memorial on the Washington,D.C. ,Mall for decades,


America and her children have forgotten the  5,000 (BLACK) Patriots Veterans
of the 1776 Revolutionary War. WHY?    Travel back into history and see who, what ,were, when and why . All American's need to watch this site.

America's People are unique to it's ability to be Free,and it is writing into the Constitution, by our founding fathers,that we can and will protect our freedoms from any tyranny domestic or foreign.it Is Our rights, learn not to give that away.

This site  The Web 


We are what we eat,  we come from the earth and will return to her.

she being symbolic of the female and the very energy that draws man to her,

She gives us life and takes it away. to understand is to learn the natural way.... Some time long ago

we became the unnatural slaves of a extraordinary inhuman people

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hidden and Forgotten History of Cape Verdean independence

The Race is Over ! America Is now!               51 % Bi- Racial  Seems//// Brown's American  New color .Love conquers all.

5:36 pm edt 


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Who are the Cape Verdean American's ?
 This Report is prepared By Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza

Authorized by 
The Museum of Afro American Ethno History Inc.

The Cape Verde Islands   video of Cape Verde Historical past,and the fact that for over the past 600 years, we have been convinced that the Portuguese and African's mixed and that is how we came about, an they are half right, but long before Europe came to Cape Verde , the Pheonician's  Hyskos (  People from the sea ) and what latter they called Hebrews and Moors and much, much later the Exiled Hebrews (new Christian's). these ancient people were motivated by a need for a home/food and lands,because they had lost thier lands in a catastrophe's and escaped with thier wisdom and Portable "magi instruments...said to be the writting word...Sea people was said to come from Mu or Atlantis, Muurs , moors mentioned by Plato and other ancient historians, a very advanced civilization , who escaped the  (flood) catastrophe with only what they could carry. rejected everywhere,They had to join the Canaan and Egyptian and were called the Peleset people (known today as Palestine)....These origanal people became the mixed bloods of devine heavenly gods. The rejected...Recent discovery's now confirm that the islands are the tops of mountains,with secret knowledge that only they had, they became the merchants,and brokers of global traders.  Cape Verdean only remember the 1400's and have lost the African history,and as we compile this history, you will find we all came from so called Africa.....and only two Afro-American groups have this Moorish science knowledge, The Jamaican Rasta man in some detail
And the Cape Verdean's all other-Afro American's ....Due to racial and deliberate indifference,have no link to their African roots,and have lost the knowledge of themselves. and will be enslaved until they wake from the imposed sleep, of slavery We actually go back to 1208 bc  and we have settled and mixed as far north as The Black-sea,up the Danube River  others later became secret Jews (new Christians of Portugal and of Spain) deeply controlled by the Roman Catholic Church, and Masonic/knights Templar..Aluminati . . Part Two of Capeverdean.net due to appear on video after the 2008 primary election Until this information is disputed or proved wrong I stand on it as Father of my people 
The Afro/Capeverdean.American